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Tere! Mina olen Helen ja see siin on minu blogi 🙂 Üritan kirjutada enda ja oma pere igapäevaelust ning sekka tuua ka kulinaarsed postitused. Võib juhtuda, et vahepeal on mõni postitus ka inglise keeles.

About me

Hey there everybody! My name is Helen and I come from Estonia. I made this blog with the purpose to share my everyday life and Culinary Ambitions/Experiments. I try to make a new post every time I cook something new or try to decorate my cakes even better. Furthermore I give my best to upload photos of my progress. I guess this blog will go hand in hand with joy and frustration and that only because I am sort of perfectionist when it comes to baking. Probably most of the posts will be in Estonian, but when necessary give me a hint and I'll try to make it in English as well 😛


Contact me at mail (at) simplyhelen (punkt) de if you have questions and suggestions regarding my blog. You can also leave a comment below or under any of my posts.